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For vegans

Vegan Fox Gift box


The best gift - genuine care! December is one of the brightest months of the year, not only because of the white blanket of snow, but also because our hearts are filled with festive feelings, the lights are bright and people's eyes light up with joy when they receive a gift that has been given with sincerity. And you will agree - the best gift is caring for each other. That's why [...]

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November is World Vegan Month


November is Veganuary Month worldwide. How to care for the earth, your body and animals at the same time? Our answer - a vegan lifestyle. In this way, we do not support the unnecessary suffering of animals and stand up for a better life today and a much nicer future tomorrow. How did Veganuary come about? Avoiding animal products in everyday life has been around for around 2000 years, but [...]

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Save 500 000 foxes and minkes

Can we save 500 000 foxes and mink a year?

Can we save 500 000 foxes and mink a year?My childhood was closely linked to life in the countryside and, at the end of the Soviet era, I had to work on large cattle farms in the summer. At that time, I secretly dreamt that one day I would come and save the sad cows, the timid calves and the cosy roaches. As we grow up, childhood dreams are often forgotten. When life [...]

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