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Face serum - extra care for your complexion

It's important not only to moisturise but also to rejuvenate your skin, especially when the first wrinkles appear. For example, the reserves of hyaluronic acid in our tissues, which have kept our skin firm and elastic over the years, are lost over time. It is therefore important to replenish these reserves, especially at the ages of 30, 40 and 50. And the good news is - it can be done!

But when you look at the range of skincare products on the shelves, you often get confused by the names and the wide variety of products in different bottles. And here, in turn, the questions arise - how much time can a modern woman devote to applying them all every morning, and how to avoid getting confused and confusing the sequence?

So my aim was to create an easy-to-use and rich Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serumthat will meet the expectations of both women who want to take proper care of their skin and those of the fairer sex who don't have endless time to use countless skincare products every day. The serum contains an intensive vitamin complex - hyaluronic acid, pentavitin, sea buckthorn extract and vitamin C.

This combination will intensively moisturise your skin, give it the radiance it needs, reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. And thanks to its light, gel-like texture, the serum will be quickly absorbed into the skin. This means you won't have to wait before applying your face cream. Apply the face serum in the morning and/or in the evening and your skincare routine will be simple, quick and, importantly, effective.

Who is the face serum suitable for?

Although the face serum is suitable for all skin types, I do not recommend it for women under 30. For young skin, daily cleansing, toning and moisturising are sufficient. However, especially during the heating season, when our skin is exposed to changing temperatures, it is important to take extra care of our skin - especially in our 30s, when the first wrinkles tend to appear.

However, even at the age of 30, it is worth considering whether it is necessary to use this firming serum all year round - perhaps just during the heating season. I'm a little over 40, so I use it every morning and evening before applying eye cream and face cream.
Listen to yourself, assess the condition of your complexion and remember - don't replace a serum with a face cream that suits your skin type. There is a misconception that you can use a serum instead of a face cream due to its rich formula. This is not the case. Although the Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum intensively hydrates, rejuvenates and improves the appearance of the complexion, it is intended for deep skin care in combination with a face cream. Importantly, the face cream strengthens the effect of the face serum and makes it work better.

Face skin care routine for healthy and nourished skin

A daily skincare routine is essential for maintaining healthy and radiant skin in the long term. Thoroughly cleansing your skin of cosmetics, environmental pollutants and excess oil will not only leave you feeling fresh, but will also protect you from premature skin ageing in the long term. But a clean complexion is not enough - remember to give your skin the antioxidants it needs, tone it and moisturise it with a face cream that suits your skin type.

Of course, depending on the time of year and your age, your daily skincare routine can vary. I encourage you not to leave your skin care to beauticians or worse - not to take care of it at all, and to do the bare minimum 2x a day in your bathroom - cleanse, tone and moisturise with a face cream.
This is my routine every morning and evening, it's important not to forget the correct order of application of products:

  1. Cleanse the skin with gentle foam or your favourite cleanser.
  2. Balances and tones the skin of the face and neck with rose micellar water or a toner.
  3. Immediately afterwards, apply a Face serum with hyaluronic acid, which will immediately absorb into the skin.
  4. Only then take care of the eye area with anti-wrinkle eye creamif the skin around your eyes is showing the first signs of ageing.
  5. Finally, use a moisturiser suitable for your skin type face cream.

But if you're under 30, these 3 products - a cleansing foam, a micellar water, and a face cream- will definitely be enough for your make-up shelf.

Protect and care for your complexion with the protection and vitamins you need.

In Love,
Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa
Vegan Fox Creator and Head of Cosmetics