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A sauna ritual for mind and body cleansing - inspiration for a new week

It's not for nothing that I say "bath ritual". In our home, it is a Sunday habit, now an integral part of the week - a mood-filled process that helps us leave behind the worries of the past days and allows us to be inspired for a new, invigorating week. In our family, we associate this sanctuary of the senses with cleanliness - not only of the body, but also of the mind. The healing, empowering ritual of the sauna allows us to cleanse ourselves of unwanted thoughts, stress and experience a kind of new beginning every time.

And, as it turns out, it's even scientifically proven. It turns out that the heat of a sauna increases the release of the feel-good hormone endorphin, which helps you feel calm, happy and reduces anxiety. It is especially invigorating to experience the ritual of a sauna with your loved ones by your side. In the daily rush of life, it is so rare to be able to enjoy a leisurely moment together. Although one of our weekly traditions is to have a meal together during the holidays, this is not enough to experience true closeness. The ritual of the bath is a wonderful opportunity to indulge in leisurely, dreamy conversations, to share thoughts and feelings and, ultimately, to feel united and strong - like a family.

Personally, I find it important to be calm and in the mood for this invigorating ritual before going to the sauna. I think you'll agree - it would be hard to "switch off" and enjoy with a to-do list and other background noise breathing down your neck. You'll also feel better if you don't eat heavy food before your bath. However, going to the sauna on an empty stomach will not be good either, so if you want a bite to eat, enjoy a very light meal - preferably a fruit or vegetable. And remember, you shouldn't take a sauna if you have an inflammation, have caught a virus or are otherwise unwell. Listen to yourself!

Essential oils and herbal teas in the sauna

When we go to the sauna, we always think about making our time here as enjoyable as possible, which is why we also take herbal tea and, especially in winter, white fir essential oil. Its aroma reminds us of the grandeur of the forest and it is an excellent aid for strengthening immunity. If you also like essential oils and want to be inspired by the variety of scents, you should know that cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, any citrus oil and frankincense are also wonderful for the sauna. All essential oils have antibacterial properties - it's just the desired effect that varies, which you can find a wealth of information about on the internet.

About the tea - here, as far as I know, many people are divided. Others prefer water, but I've heard from experienced bathers that warm tea, and herbal tea at that, is good for the heating process.
Linden, verbena, maple blossom tea or any other herbal tea of your choice will be wonderful here.
Why prefer herbal teas in the sauna?

  • It also helps warm your body from the inside, so you'll warm up evenly;
  • Cold drinks can put unnecessary strain on the circulatory system - room temperature drinks or warm teas are better;
  • Warm herbal tea, both in the sauna and in between, helps you to relax, get in the mood and enjoy the sauna ritual.

Body care products in the sauna

The sauna ritual also gives you the opportunity to deeply cleanse your skin. Gently scrubbing the skin during a sauna has been shown to improve blood circulation. In addition, the steam from the sauna makes the skin softer and more receptive to the benefits of the scrub. But note: if you have sensitive skin and use a scrub before the sauna, I recommend a sugar-based product, such as our new one, scrub bar with kiwi seeds. But if you don't have skin problems on a daily basis, any scrub will do, including salt-based scrubs.

The sauna will be pleasantly refreshing peppermint scrub - It will give you extra energy and relax your joints and muscles. The abrasive particles of apricot kernels will gently cleanse the skin, while shea butter, grapeseed and jojoba oils will soften the skin. At the end of the bath, I prefer a warming ginger scrub - It will leave your skin feeling firm and smooth, and it will have a warming effect throughout the evening.

If you have the chance, enjoy the healing power of a sauna ritual regularly. In the long term, they will also be important for your health - a sauna will help relax sore muscles, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, significantly reduce stress and restore energy. Please remember that no one else can take care of your emotional and physical well-being. It is your responsibility to feel the need to recharge your batteries and take action to experience a lighter everyday life and become a more empathetic and pleasant everyday companion - to your partner, your children, your colleagues, your friends and, yes, definitely to yourself.

In love,

Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa
Vegan Fox creator and manager