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How to care for oily or problematic skin

What are the signs of oily skin?

How to care for oily or problematic skin so it doesn't cause discomfort, especially in summer. The characteristic persistent shine can often be aggravated by stress, humidity, hormone imbalances and genetics. If you have oily skin, your skin type may change with age or, for example, with changes in your environment and lifestyle. And yet, by following a skincare routine, you can already reduce the shine of oily skin.

How do I know if I have oily or problematic skin? Of course, you can find out exactly what your skin type is by visiting a dermatologist or a beautician, who will listen to you and look at your skin carefully. But these few signs can also be an indication:

  • Noticeably oily, shiny skin;
  • Open or clogged pores, especially in the oilier areas of the face;
  • Often, comedones (blackheads) can be seen on the face;
  • Acne has a regular tendency to form not only on the face, but also on the chest and back;
  • Oily hair that needs frequent washing.

And yet, there are some benefits of oily skin. Thanks to the skin's natural moisture, with oily skin you probably don't have to worry about dryness, blemishes or rapid ageing.

5 tips for oily or problematic complexions

Oily and problematic skin requires specific care - especially in hotter weather when we sweat more. Here are some tips on how to care for oily or problematic complexions:

  1. Rinse your face regularly with warm water - in the morning, in the evening, after exercise, as needed in hot weather. Avoid soaps and cleansers with fragrances or harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, making it even oilier.
  2. For toning , use a facial toner or micellar water. These will reduce the appearance of pores, help control the skin's moisture levels and remove excess oil and dirt.
  3. Gently dry your skin. After washing, wipe your skin with a soft towel. But do it carefully, because excessive scrubbing can stimulate the skin's sweat and oil glands again.
  4. Don't choose oil-based skincare products.
  5. Remember the face mask. Certain face masks can help balance your skin. Look for or make your own face mask with ingredients such as clay or oatmeal. Oatmeal helps to deeply cleanse the skin, contains antioxidants and helps to protect the skin from inflammation. Clay, on the other hand, contains minerals that absorb oils and reduce shine without irritating the skin.

It's also no secret that beauty starts with healthy habits. Especially if you have oily or problematic skin, it's extremely important to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Poor nutrition can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Water, on the other hand, helps to eliminate toxins and prevents the risk of dehydrated skin.

Why moisturise oily skin?

It might seem that if the moisture level of the facial skin is too high, why use products to moisturise it? And yet, in order to regulate the amount of natural oil, moisturising is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine.

If you fight excess oil and don't use products designed to moisturise your skin, your skin can become dehydrated - which means it will produce even more oil to make up for what it lacks. A carefully chosen face cream will help regulate the oil.

When choosing and using a face cream for oily or problematic skin, consider:

  1. Choose water-based products with a light consistency.
  2. When choosing sunscreens, avoid fragrances and oils.
  3. Apply the cream while the skin is still slightly damp - this will allow the cream's active ingredients to penetrate more deeply, thus doing their job more effectively.

As you know, if you have oily or problematic skin, it's important to choose skincare products that are specifically tailored to your skin. That's why we've created a line of skincare products for oily or problematic skin:

  • The cleansing foam will help regulate oily and dry areas and restore the appearance of matt skin;
  • We have enriched the moisturising cream with aloe vera extract to regulate skin moisture levels, calendula extract to degrease skin, betaine - a natural moisturiser from sugar beet, as well as a vitamin complex for a glowing and healthy complexion, and it has a very light gel-like texture;
  • The Face Cleanser bar with Pink Clay is suitable for all skin types. It will enrich the skin with trace elements, restoring its healthy appearance.

In love,

Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa
Vegan Fox manager and creator