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3 wellness rituals for autumn - suggestions from Vegan Fox

On your birthday - in gratitude for what matters

Every year, my birthday is my milestone. The start of a new year. I celebrate myself and the fact that I have been blessed with so much - I have a wonderful family, my husband and I have 5 children and I get to live my dream every day, doing my heart's work. So I'm sharing what are my 3 wellness rituals for autumn.

The launch of vegan and natural cosmetics 7 years ago was the starting point for a completely different phase of my life. Through my work, I can finally fulfil my childhood dream of helping animals. And as dreams tend to do, reality is different. But this time - even better! Because by helping animals, we give people the freedom of choice with our cosmetics.

For me, work is not just work. If I was in a bad mood every Sunday and looking forward to the weekend every Monday morning to evening, it would definitely affect my well-being in other areas of my life. But there is a "crust" to doing what we love so much - we are at risk of not feeling it and overstepping our boundaries.

Autumn is a bit magical. And I believe it's not just me, just because I celebrate my holidays. The calmer and more relaxed evenings also allow me to slow down a bit, breathe in gratitude and feel myself recharge for the long winter months.  

Celebrate yourself - a little bit, every day

As darkness falls, you may also feel sad about the summer that has passed. And yet, being a resource is our responsibility. I don't mean to drive you to self-recrimination and despair - absolutely not. I say this with the utmost empathy and concern for you!

And yet, it is. The sooner we each realise that to be a resource, we need to find our own ways of drawing strength - the better off we will be. Individually and collectively - in family, relationships, work, business.  

And I believe that taking care of yourself, spending quality time with yourself, having little moments of peace and joy, celebrating yourself every day and not just on your Birthday - all of these things allow you to be in harmony and help you find the answers that matter. More often than once a year and on your Birthday.

3 wellness rituals for autumn - suggestions from Vegan Fox

3 wellness rituals for autumn

In my search for my "recipe" for well-being and harmony, I have come up with several ingredients. I'm particularly fond of them in autumn - taking care of myself during one of the most seemingly gloomy times of the year.

3 soothing autumn rituals that allow me to take care of my physical and mental well-being:

  • Warm bath with candles and music. A soothing and warming ritual for body and soul. Here I really regain my strength and can enjoy some solitude with myself. For complete happiness, I complete the ritual with aromatic bath foam and soothe my body with a scrub;
  • Hand wellness ritual. In summer, running takes over and the skin on your hands often suffers more when you run in the black earth or soak in salt water. In autumn, take a moment to take care of your hands - soak them in warm water with an emollient oil, scrub them with a nourishing scrub and finish with a hand cream if needed [you can do without this - your hands will probably be nourished by the oils in the scrub].
  • Pampering the quotation marks. Bare feet have enjoyed carefree summer walks without shoes - now it's time to take good care of them in autumn. Prepare a foot bath - add aloe vera oil to warm water for silky softness, then scrub the skin thoroughly with the scrub of your choice, paying special attention to the heels. Finish with a nourishing foot cream.

May you find your autumn ritual for celebrating yourself in a relaxed and peaceful way every day!

In Love,
Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa
Vegan Fox creator and manager