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skin care advice for the body

Skin that shimmers in the golden sun - the most beautiful decoration of summer!

Wear a light and flowy summer dress, wander barefoot into a heady meadow and enjoy the sun's gentle touch on your skin. Our Latvian summer never ceases to amaze - here, sultry days alternate with thunderstorms, a starry night is followed by a foggy morning, the sun's hot touches are followed by a cooling plunge into a cool lake.
Our skin has so many challenges to face, it has to adapt to our summer adventures and so we need to give it the care it needs to shine healthy in the bright sunshine.

A prerequisite for an even and long-lasting tan

In summer, special attention should be paid to nourishing and moisturising the skin on your body, which is also important for getting an even and long-lasting tan. We recommend adding body oil to your daily skincare routine to moisturise, soften and tone your skin and leave it silky soft. Enjoy the comfort of body oil, relax and feel the warm touch of summer on your skin. 

Body oil - Your companion for summer adventures

For softer skin, our Red Grape Body Oil
is based on natural grape seed oil, which gives your skin a silky softness and a rich, sweet aroma of red grapes. The oil is particularly light and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy residue. The added vitamins C and E promote collagen production and skin renewal, while the sunflower oil soothes the skin. The sweet scent and silky texture are just right for summer - the sun's rays will adorn not only the waves, but also your skin.

For a softer body with our Aloe Vera body oil.
It too is based on natural grapeseed oil, which gives your skin a silky softness and a natural aloe fragrance. The oil is toning, absorbs quickly into the skin and has moisturising properties that can be useful after too much sunbathing. Go outdoors, feel the warm breeze on your silky skin and enjoy the summer!

skin care advice for the body

Body massage for mind, body and spirit

Body oil should be applied directly to lightly dried and damp skin to allow it to absorb all the oil's beneficial properties, effectively nourishing and softening the skin, leaving it firm, silky and radiant
Use our body oils for a body massage and enjoy the benefits for mind, body and spirit. After weeding in the garden, an active rowing boat trip or a long hike along the sea, the best reward and pleasure will be a body massage that allows you to:

  1. relieve tight muscles
  2. improve blood circulation
  3. get healthy sleep
  4. free the mind and heated thoughts
  5. relax.

I wish you an adventurous summer and a radiant and shining joy for every sunny day! Enjoy!

In Love,
Maija no Vegan Fox