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5 steps to take care of your foot in summer

Why do feet need special care in summer?

Foot health and well-being are often neglected - especially in a season when we spend every day in closed shoes. And yet, even when feet seem to be "hiding" in shoes, they are under considerable strain. Walking kilometres, rushing, fluctuating temperatures and tight shoes are just some of the reasons why it's worth paying attention to your foot health. After all, your feet help you get where you want to be.

However, foot care varies considerably, especially during the warm season. In hotter weather, our blood vessels dilate. This is the body's natural way of trying to cool down. And yet - at the same time - it interferes with the well-being and beauty of the feet.

For example, feet can be swollen more often, so shoes that seem to fit like a glove in everyday life can pick up more than one blister in summer. Also, feet are more prone to dryness in summer, so the skin is more likely to crack and become noticeably rougher. And, crucially, the risk of fungal infections can increase significantly in hot weather.

5 steps to take care of your foot in summer

How to take care of your feet in summer and avoid the above? If you want to take care of healthy and soft feet skin in summer, I recommend:

1. Let your feet cool off in the air
Especially if your feet are prone to sweating, take off your shoes and socks for a few minutes a day and let your feet breathe.

2. Protects your feet from infections
Walking barefoot is not only pleasant, it also helps you to calm down. And yet, there are places where it's better to protect your feet. For example, it's better to wear shoes in the communal showers at the beach or in the gym - this way you'll avoid fungal infections or warts on your feet. Also, check your feet for cuts or cracks - if you see any, cover the skin.  

3 Avoid flip flops
Although comfortable to wear, flip flops put your feet at risk of various diseases - especially if worn for long periods of time, for several days in a row. They do not give the feet the support they need, the toes "stick" together to hold the flip-flops in place, which can lead to blisters. Instead, choose shoes with a strap around the ankle - this type of shoe will hold your feet better and will not cause injury risks. 

4. Remember to wear sunscreen
Apply sunscreen to your feet to protect them from the risk of sunburn. Otherwise, wearing shoes can even become painful.

5 Wash your feet and apply cream
Hygiene is important, especially after barefoot walking. Remember to wash your feet every evening with soap and water. Then dry them gently - especially the toes - and finally, remember to pamper your skin with a foot cream. 

3 tips for applying foot cream

To keep your feet soft and supple, I recommend using a foot cream every day - even twice a day if you can manage it.

1. When to use foot cream?

The best time to apply a foot cream is right after a shower or bath, while your feet are still damp and your skin is soft - this way it will absorb better.

In summer, a foot bath can be particularly refreshing and pleasant. Prepare a bowl of warm water, add lavender leaves, chamomile or other herbs of your choice. Soak your skin for 15-20 minutes and then use a body scrub to cleanse away dead skin cells.

2. How to use foot cream correctly
Dry your feet and then massage the cream into your feet in a circular motion - this will improve circulation and help the skin heal where it needs to. But be warned - avoid applying the cream between your toes. Moisture, especially in hotter weather, can cause foot infections.

3. How to keep your feet moisturised for longer?
If you want your feet to absorb moisture better, you can wear socks overnight after applying the cream.

For an easy summer step, choose one of our naturally formulated foot creams. The nourishing foot cream will form a natural protective layer on the skin, provide complete nourishment for the feet and treat and heal chapped feet.

Refreshing Foot Cream will moisturise your skin and give you a long-lasting feeling of freshness. It will absorb quickly and has antibacterial properties thanks to the essential oils of tea tree, lavender and bergamot.

In love,

Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa
Vegan Fox manager and creator