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Why is skin care different in winter?

We live in a place where nature treats us to a variety of things - glowing sunshine, colourful leaves, the special atmosphere of raindrops and, of course, a snow-white fairy tale. But the changing air temperature is a challenge for our skin. During the cold winter months, skin can become noticeably drier, it can crack, break out and, in places, uneven skin tone can also appear. This is especially true for the face, which is not covered by a warm, protective layer of clothing.

Taking care of your face in winter requires extra time and effort - cold winds, the insidious sun and low humidity levels are common during the cold months. Warm air flows from heating also have a significant impact on our skin - indoor air is warm but also dry. The temperature contrast, combined with the dryness outside and indoors, creates more than one challenge for the skin. This is why it is particularly important now to choose sensible skin care habits and to choose the right skin care products for you.

3 steps for winter skin care

It all starts with everyday habits that will help keep your skin healthy - not just in winter, but in other seasons too. Your skin's top layers contain natural oils that help protect it from the elements. Your job is to protect your skin to prevent the loss of natural oils. How? Here I'll share 3 steps for your daily routine:

1. Wash in warm water, not hot
As nice as a hot shower or bath may be in cold weather, everything in moderation! Too hot water damages the skin's hydrolipidic layer, which is necessary to protect the skin from drying out and prevent harmful substances from entering the body. It acts as a barrier to ensure the skin's pH level is optimal.
This doesn't mean you have to freeze in cold or unpleasantly lukewarm water - not at all. Just awater temperature below 38 degreeswill do .
It's just as important not to scrub your skin after washing - instead, gently pat it dry to protect the natural oil layer .


2. Follow a complete diet
Your skin, like your overall well-being, starts on your plate. Nutrition is also particularly important if your skin tends to become very dry or flaky. The first essential condition is to drink plenty of fluids! Also make sure your body is not deficient in nutrients and vitamins. Green vegetables - spinach, kale, broccoli - will be particularly useful here. Be sure to take the opportunity to add pumpkin, carrots and other vegetables rich in beta-carotene to your plate. And don't forget vitamin D, which is essential for a healthy immune system, teeth, bones and skin.

3. The winter sun is also the sun!
wintersun is deceptive - it reflects even in snow and can affect your skin even if its light does not seem to directly hit your skin. Protect your skin from the sun's rays by choosing an SPF cream and a product containing vitamin C - this will prevent the risk of pigmentation and boost your skin's collagen levels.

3 tips for using face cream in winter

Although moisturising your skin in winter can be a real challenge, by changing and adapting your skincare habits a little and using the right products, you can still have soft, smooth and healthy skin all winter long. Here are 3 tips to consider when using a face cream in winter.

  1. Apply immediately after washing, on slightly damp, lightly dried skin. It will absorb more easily and have a better effect when you go for a winter walk or for your daily routine.
  2. If you use oily skincare products that reduce the amount of oil in your skin, take stock of how your skin feels now. If you notice that your skin has become noticeably drier over the winter, with dry patches or red spots, it may be worth changing your habits and choosing a different line of products for drier skin. This applies to both facial cleansers and moisturisers.
  3. Especially when winter is in full swing and it's freezing outside, remember to apply your face cream before you go out. About 30 minutes beforehand will be enough time for the face cream to soak into the skin and protect it from the cold air and the negative effects of the outside environment.

Have a carefree winter filled with beautiful moments!

In Love,
Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa
Vegan Fox creator and manager