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The idea came from a simple question asked by many of our friends – which cosmetics are really vegan? That was five years ago. Going into the ingredients lists began to bother and get tired, so the solution seemed simpler than simple – to produce your own truly vegan cosmetics. We attracted start-up capital from friends and relatives, used the support of LIAA incubators and it all started with a small family business. I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life – to leave a well-paid job in a large company, but over time, the inner feeling that I can do something from the heart is definitely worth it. I wish everyone to find a job or hobby that is in line with the values of life.

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I think the reasons should be sought in early childhood, when a lot of tears are things, working in the summers on a cow farm and dreaming of releasing all the animals, and when I didn't fulfill every child's dream of having a pet. I also hated the circus since I was a young child and was afraid to stay in rooms with hunting trophies, at that time, of course, I did not understand why this was the case. All this has accumulated and accumulated over the years, so at the moment I can't imagine using a cream that would use anything from animals and not to mention testing on animals. I am also very concerned about environmental problems, which today are very closely linked to the livestock industry. Consequently, it was entirely self-evident to create cosmetics where these issues are not discussed and that are in line with my principles. None of the animals, nothing (neither product nor raw materials) has been tested on animals.
We searched for the name for a long time, we wanted to say unequivocally that the products are vegan. We have a pasenic simple video on our Facebook profile where a curious fox runs into the woods and watches the person we meet carefully. It happened right here in Latvia with our good friend. In a way, the fox itself came under our name and then suddenly there was no longer any doubt that Vegan Fox was the real name. Amusingly, those who are not vegan most wonder – is the fox a vegan then?

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There are a lot of cosmetic brands in the world and everyone has the opportunity to find what they like best. There are fantastic opportunities to make my favorite cosmetics at home, I did that 10 years ago. We produce and pack all products by hand right here in Latvia. We use natural oils, so some cosmetic products have relatively short expiration dates. We do not use heavy chemicals, parabens, mineral oils and GMOs. Nor do we use gluten or soy. But the real strength of our brand is what we do in our free time – we help animal shelters, organize cleanups, plant forests. All these works help to improve the living conditions of our little friends. We do all this with friends, relatives and children because we believe it makes sense and these small achievements bring us joy and satisfaction. The company does not yet earn enough to be able to do something truly impressive in the field of animal assistance, but when buying our products, everyone can be sure that they will not only buy quality cosmetics, but also help a small family business to do more of the good work.

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To produce vegan, high-quality and ethical cosmetics and to support activities with earned funds to make the world greener and life safer for animals. Everything we do now, only on a wider scale!

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We think in a way it's even cool. We are clearly positioning ourselves and our customers have no doubt that they are making a good choice. Society is very diverse – for others, veganism seems like a kind of show and fashion thing, while others have a complete understanding and a self-evident lifestyle. I trust that my own people will understand mine and I really don't have the desire to sell to everyone and as much as possible, I want the right people to find the right products. One of our difficult homework was the Vegan Society certification exit, it took a lot of time and energy while we prepared all the necessary documentation, but it gives real confidence that all products are vegan, that nothing has been missed.

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I come from a large Latvian family, where I like to make a hearty joke about vegans. I completely finished eating meat myself five years ago when we started the Vegan Fox business and over time came to a vegan way of life. The transition took place easily and self-evidently, without coercion of oneself and the body. The body has switched to a plant-based diet and at the moment meat and fish are causing a backlash of the mind and body. I have always had lowered iron levels and blood pressure, but at the moment blood tests have improved. Occasionally, though, you get to sneak a slice of cheese or a spoonful of honey from a relative's farm.

We have 5 children in the family and each has a determination of their own menu. My ally in veganism is 13-year-old daughter Nora, her main motivation is not to hurt animals. The rest of the family are also happy to choose non-vegan dishes, but I've got everyone used to the daily meals of legumes, vegetables, cereals, soy foods and salads, and only occasionally in our homes are the top dishes that vegans would sniff about. I believe that everyone has to make their own choices naturally, I can help and support.

[la_heading tag=”div” alignment=”left” title=”Jūsu novēlējums / ieteikums tiem, kuri apsver iespēju izmēģināt vegānisku dzīvesveidu?” title_fz=”lg:20px;” title_color=”#343538″ css=”.vc_custom_1585139118459{margin-top: 20px !important;}”][/la_heading]

A step-by-step approach seems more correct to me. Slowly reduce the amount of nutrition for meat, fish, dairy products and experiment with various vegan dishes. Nowadays there are fantastic opportunities – there are so many different sources of information about recipes, I myself get inspired by these blogs, as well as in stores the offer is expanding, it remains only to start and introduce various new traditions in my kitchen. For those who do not feel eaten without the taste of meat, a good choice is soy and legume products, which with the help of spices are really able to compensate for meat. We've conducted experiments on our friends who thought they were eating minced meat sauce but actually had a 100% vegan dinner.
I'm glad if someone gradually halves their meat consumption instead of suddenly trying a week's vegan lifestyle and then proudly declaring that it's not for him. I recommend choosing vegan cosmetics, household chemicals and other everyday goods as much as possible, but you don't necessarily have to be vegan to do so.
Be safe, creative and let's protect nature and animals!


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