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Bath & shower

Bath and shower products - Choose from Vegan Fox's scented products - grapefruit, lavender, linden and red grape shower gels, liquid soaps and bath foams that lather really well.

Grapefruit bundle for body care
Grapefruit bundle for body care

Grapefruit bundle

A great opportunity with this 3 products bundle surround yourself with the invigorating aroma of grapefruit. Your most sought-after fragrance in daily skin care products for healthy, cleansed and nourished skin. Includes: vegan society
Vegan Fox Gift bundle for a woman
Gift for well-being

Gift for well-being

14.40 - 18.20
The Gift of Wellbeing is the perfect opportunity to present a romantic and memorable Gift Box for holidays or special occasions. Choose your favourite products for a daily ritual of cleansing, pampering and caring for your skin that will leave you feeling well and fragrant. Gift Set includes 2 products your choice: