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Softening face cream for all skin types

(7 customer reviews)

Get healthier and smoother skin with our Softening Facial Cream, which softens skin of all skin types.
The vitamin complex acts as a powerful antioxidant and allows the skin to maintain a healthy appearance.

Enriched with:
- Sweet Almond Oil, which softens the skin and gives it a radiant look,
- Avocado oil, which nourishes the skin and ensures the absorption of active ingredients,
- Chamomile extract, which has antibacterial, emollient and soothing properties,
- Vitamins C and E, which promote the production of collagen and help fight the first signs of ageing.

97% natural ingredients.


Vegan Fox values

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7 reviews on Softening face cream for all skin types

  1. Christine -

    Great smell. It says chamomile extract is present, but it smells like summer when the linden blossoms bloom. It made my skin glow.

  2. Elīna -

    The cream is really good, light and absorbs quickly.

  3. oak.lime -

    My favourite face cream 🙂

  4. Madara -

    I bought the cream together with the serum in June on sale. The first sensation when I applied the cream was a very pleasant summer meadow smell, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it, and that's how it felt every time I applied it! 🤗
    Combined with the serum, my complexion feels pampered!
    There are things I would love to try, but financially it's not possible at the moment.
    Thank you for your wonderful work! ❤️🙏

  5. Anita -

    I really like this cream.Nice smell,absorbs quickly.Together with the serum, a wonderful combination🤗

  6. Inga -

    The cream was appreciated by both my daughters. Excellent because there is no feeling of extra layers on the skin. Pleasant consistency, easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. And the light herbal scent!!! So enjoyable also in winter.

  7. Laura -

    I really like this cream, it smells fabulous (important for me) and it feels good on my face. Thank you:)

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