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Linden body cream

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Get more supple skin with our moisturising Linden Blossom Body Cream, which absorbs immediately into the skin and gives it a rich and summery Linden Blossom scent.
Vitamins C and E promote collagen production and skin renewal.

Enriched with:

  • avocado oil, which nourishes the skin and ensures the absorption of antioxidants and vitamins,
  • aloe vera extract, which regulates the skin's moisture levels and promotes blood circulation,
  • sunflower oil, which soothes the skin.

98.4% natural ingredients.

Packaging - tube of 100% recycled plastic with aluminium cap.



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1 reviews on Linden Flower Body Cream

  1. Inta -

    Fabulous scent and coverage, linden blossom aroma !

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