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Ginger body scrub

(5 customer reviews)

Ginger Body Scrub with Salt will help you get healthier and more supple skin, provide anti-cellulite effects, make your skin smooth and firm, invigorating and warming it.
After using the body scrub, your skin will be fully nourished and moisturised.

Enriched with:
- Avocado oil, which softens the skin and ensures the absorption of active ingredients,
- shea butter, which intensively nourishes and rejuvenates the skin,
- Jojoba oil, which moisturises the skin,
- Grapefruit peel oil, which protects the skin and improves its elasticity,
- Vitamins C and E, which promote the production of collagen and skin renewal,
- natural abrasive particles from apricot kernels to gently cleanse the skin,
- ginger, which improves skin microcirculation, promotes fat reduction and helps prevent cellulite.

99% natural ingredients.

Packaging - tube of 100% recycled plastic with aluminium cap.


Vegan Fox values

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5 reviews on Ginger Body Scrub

  1. Madara -

    The best scrub I've ever used because the oils in it make my skin so soft and the smell is divine. I will definitely buy more.

  2. Dana -

    Excellent scrub! I like that its abrasive particles are so gentle but effective. Also very good for sensitive skin. The oils in the scrub are so moisturising and nourishing that you don't even need a cream afterwards. And the scent-fantastically refreshing, citrusy and visibly energising. Skin still smells long after washing. I recommend this scrub!

  3. Elīna -

    Thank you for your excellent body scrubs! They smell good, cleanse, soften, nourish the skin.

  4. Agnese -

    Fantastic smell, good spreadability and good retention of oil and smell after rinsing. Excellent scrub - definitely recommended!

  5. Vineta -

    The ginger scrub is excellent. It leaves my skin feeling so nice and I have such good dreams when I treat myself to a ginger scrub at night. The best scrub I have ever used.

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