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Linden shower gel

(4 customer reviews)

Linden Blossom Shower Gel helps to refresh your body, gives your skin a summer-sweet scent of lime blossom and gently cleanses it with a gentle foam.
The sunny scent of lime blossom will re-energise your day and make you feel like you're in the heady summer.

Composition supplemented with:
- Aloe Vera extract, which helps to maintain skin moisture balance and soothe the skin,
- betaine, a natural moisturiser from sugar beet, which leaves skin silky and smooth.

94% natural ingredients.


Vegan Fox values

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4 reviews on Linden shower gel

  1. Linda -

    Cool honey, summery lime blossom scent!

  2. Inta -

    I was just walking by a lime tree and it smelled mmm, I thought why doesn't it smell like that. I will definitely buy next time!!

  3. Inta -

    I gave my cousin the whole set, my daughter-in-law the shower gel, love it!

  4. Inta -

    I gave it to my daughter-in-law, now I bought it for my goddaughter, it smells of lime mmm!

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