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Gift for well-being

Gift for Well-being is the perfect opportunity to present a romantic and memorable Gift Box for holidays or special occasions. Choose your favourite products for a daily ritual of cleansing, pampering and caring for your skin that will leave you feeling well and fragrant.

The gift set includes 2 products of your choice:

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Gift set - a romantic gift containing natural and vegan cosmetic products:

  • The hand cream nourishes, restores or moisturises the skin, improves nail health and forms a natural protective layer. It contains avocado oil to soften the skin and ensure absorption of active ingredients, vitamins C and E to promote collagen production and skin renewal, shea butter or mango butter to nourish and rejuvenate the skin and plant extracts to moisturise and soothe. 96-98% natural ingredients.
  • The shower gel gently cleanses the skin and gives it a light fragrance. It contains aloe vera extract to help maintain moisture balance and soothe the skin, and betaine, a natural moisturiser from sugar beet, to leave skin silky and smooth. 94% natural ingredients.
  • The bath foam provides a relaxing and soothing bath with a rich and long-lasting foam. Contains betaine, a natural moisturiser from sugar beet that leaves skin silky and smooth, and glycerin, which has a water-attracting property, helping skin retain moisture. 93% natural ingredients.

The gift box is made entirely of cardboard, soft pink colour, Vegan Fox logo on the lid. Size 15 x 16,5 x 5 cm.

The gift set is suitable for girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter, mum or colleague!


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