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for dry skin

Nourishing face cream for dry skin with shea butter
Vegan Fox face cream

Nourishing face cream for dry skin

Face cream for dry skin helps restore firmness, elasticity and nourishment. Rich texture that softens the skin and forms a protective layer. The vitamin complex acts as a powerful antioxidant and allows the skin to maintain a healthy appearance. Enriched with: - sweet almond and jojoba oilwhich softens the skin and promotes the absorption of active ingredients, - shea butterthat nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, - cocoa butterwhich improves skin elasticity and forms a protective layer, - aloe vera extractwhich regulates the skin's moisture level and soothes it, - C and Vitamins E, which improves the skin's healthy glow and helps fight the first signs of ageing. 95% natural ingredients. 50ml Vegan Fox values
Cleansing foam for dry face skin aloe vera extract vegan fox hand made
Vegan Fox Face Cleansing Foam

Cleansing foam for dry skin

Cleansing foam for dry for skin cleanses and moisturises the skin. Airy aloe foam gently removes impurities and cleanses pores. Also ideal for removing make-up and for use around the eyes. Foams gently mitrina and soothes the complexion and restores radiance and a healthy look. Enriched with:
  • Aloe Vera extract, which helps maintain skin moisture balance, promotes circulation and firms the skin,
  • Lactic acid, which removes dead skin cells and restores the skin's natural pH balance,
  • fruit sugars, which attract moisture to the skin,
  • Glycine, which increases collagen production and promotes skin renewal.
99% natural ingredients. 200ml