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Face skin care - Natural products for cleansing, nourishing and moisturising your complexion. Choose Vegan Fox products to suit your skin type - face cream, cleansing foam, eye cream, face serum and micellar water.

Feminine gift bundle from Vegan Fox
A feminine gift from Vegan Fox for skin care

Feminine gift

14.56 - 28.88
The Feminine Gift is the perfect opportunity to present a romantic and memorable Gift Box for holidays or special occasions. A gift for a woman with the possibility to choose her favourite products for a skincare ritual that will leave her feeling good and her skin feeling healthy, cleansed and nourished. Gift set includes 2 products your choice:
Gift for nature's friends with solid cosmetic products
Gift for nature friends

Gift for nature friends

15.68 - 28.24
Gift for nature friends is a great opportunity to present a beautiful and memorable gift box. Choose from natural and nature-friendly solid cosmetic products without plastic packaging and get the chance to take care of your face, body or hair. The gift box can contain 2 or 3 products your choice. Gift set includes: