November - World Vegan Month
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November - World Vegan Month.

Looking for ways how to take care of the earth, your body, and animals all at the same time? Our answer is a vegan lifestyle.
When we realized that there is no reason for us to harm animals, the environment and ourselves in our daily lives, we turned to a vegan lifestyle. We do not support unnecessary animal suffering and stand for a better life today and a much better future tomorrow.

How did it come about?

Avoiding the daily use of animal products has been around for about 2,000 years, but the terms “vegan” and “veganism” have taken root since the Vegan Society was founded in November 1944.
By this time, veganism had already become a movement of people who did not partake in the exploitation of ANY sort of animals, including wearing furs, leather or using other animal products.
That is why November has been declared as World Vegan Month and is celebrated by many campaigns and events around the world.

The health benefits of a vegan lifestyle

A balanced plant-based diet can help human health by reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and even cancer. Here are just a few reasons to consider a vegan lifestyle:

  • Veganism helps people lose weight – It has been shown that plant-based diet can be an important factor in getting rid of overweight and improving metabolism.
  • Improves blood sugar levels and kidney function – Many diabetic patients who follow a vegan diet are able to reduce their daily medicine.
  • The risks of heart disease are reduced – Including herbal products in your daily diet can lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, which are more common causes of heart disease.
  • Reduces the risk of intestinal cancer – A vegan diet reduces intestinal cancer risk. Eating at least seven servings of fruit or vegetables a day reduces the risk of premature death by less than 33% with people eating fewer plant products a day.
  • Energy and well-being – Veganism provides immediate benefits – higher energy levels, smoother skin, stronger hair and nails, as well as less allergies. Not to mention the well-being and joy of being aware that your lifestyle reduces animal suffering and damage to the environment.
November - World Vegan Month

What can we do to leave behind the less polluted world as possible?

We sincerely believe that we can do more and we also invite you to think about ways in which we can reduce meat consumption, improve our quality of life and prevent unnecessary animal suffering.
Of course, not all people in the world has to become vegan immediately, but we can engage in various activities to reduce meat consumption, such as trying to eat only plant products for 1 month or choose only vegan food a few days a week, and so on. By experimenting in this way, it is possible that there will be habits on a daily basis to stay.

We encourage you to think about nutrition and how it is produced and read about its impact on the environment. Find out about ways we can gradually change our daily eating habits so that we can let our children and grandchildren to live in less polluted world.

The World Vegan Month is a great time to think about it and find out all the benefits from vegan lifestyle by yourself. In honor of this, we have also prepared a small gift so that in this windy November you can relax or let the children express themselves by coloring together the beautiful Elzuko card, which you can download here.

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