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The best gift is to take care of each other!

December is one of the brightest months of the year, not only because of the white snow, but also because our hearts are filled with festive feelings, bright lights around us and people’s eyes shine with glow when they are presented with a heartfelt gift. And you will agree – the best gift is to take care of each other.

That is why for Vegan Fox is very important to take care:

  • for the smile of the mothers in the Department of Hematooncology of the Children’s Hospital by giving them caring gift boxes;
  • of donating funds for the welfare of animals living in shelters every year;
  • for a better world for animals by supporting organizations and taking action in the fight for the ban on animal husbandry in Latvia;
  • so that the earth can breathe deeper. We plant trees because forests are the lungs of the earth, it is home for birds and animals;
  • for pleasing ladies in various retreats, where they have the opportunity to get out of the daily race, be quiet with their thoughts;
  • for the vegan and high-quality cosmetic products of your bathroom shelf to provide truly gentle care.

We have taken care of special Gift boxes

The holiday is fast approaching and it is so nice to realize that the best gift is lying under the Christmas tree, for which the recipient of the gift will have a truly bright joy, filling the giver’s heart with warmth. Gift boxes can be filled with your favorite products of your choice:

  • Feminine gift box – a romantic and memorable gift box with your favorite products for a skin care ritual. Choose a moisturising, nourishing or softening face cream, Rose Micellar Water for gentle cleansing of the face or a moisturising, nourishing or protective hand cream.
  • Well-being gift box with products for daily skin cleansing, pampering and care ritual. Choice of hand cream, lavender, linden-tree blossom, grapefruit or red grape Shower Gel or Bubble Bath.
  • Gift box with a towel – a great opportunity to give gentle care for your hands. The gift box includes a gray or orange towel with embroidery and hand cream.
Vislabākā Dāvana Vegan Fox
  • Aromatic gift box – a beautiful gift box with the products of your favorite aroma for healthy and fully nourished skin. In the box you can sort lavender, linden-tree blossom, grapefruit or red grape Shower Gel, Body Cream, Hand Wash or Bubble Bath.
  • Gift box for relaxation – a relaxing body care ritual, which includes Body Scrub, Hand Cream, Shower Gel or Hand Wash.

The joy of giving is right in your senses, so giving body care kit for an elderly person in a nursing home maybe will make this holiday for them special and unforgettable. It is the aromatic and relaxing moment that is so important for the mothers in the Children’s SOS villages so that they can continue to selflessly give love to the children.

The best gift – to open your hearts to charity

This is a great time to open your hearts to charity and there are so many opportunities for good deeds. We also invite you to start a heart-warming tradition by participating in charity events that will make the holiday feelings even more special.
However, a gift does not always have to be tangible, a lovely word for a janitor for a good job, a praise for a market seller for healthy snacks for a holiday table, or an encouraging word for a distressed friend is a tribute that warms the heart. And it is so important right now – to feel love and care, and to know that tomorrow will be even brighter, because after the winter solstice there is always light – the nights are getting shorter and the days longer.

Let’s look forward to the holiday together and give each other warmth and sincere care!

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