for combination/oily skin

Cleansing foam for oily face skin calendula marigold extract salvia extract birch leaf extract vegan fox hand made
Cleansing foam for face Vegan Fox

Cleansing foam for oily/combination skin

Cleansing foam for oily and combination complexions cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. Airy marigold foam gently removes impurities and cleanses pores. Also ideal for removing make-up and for use around the eyes. Foams regulates oily skin and dry areassoothes and restores radiance and a matte finish. Enriched with:
  • Sage and birch leaf extracts to purify, regulate sebum and rejuvenate the skin,
  • Calendula extract, which provides anti-inflammatory and degreasing properties,
  • Glycine, which increases collagen production and promotes skin renewal,
  • lactic acid, which restores the skin's natural pH balance.
99% natural ingredients. 200ml
Vegan Fox Face Cream
Moisturising face cream calendula marigold extract aloe vera extract vegan fox hand made

Moisturizing face cream for combination / oily skin

Get healthier and smoother skin with our Moisturising Face Cream combined and for oily skin Helps regulate humidity levels and provide a matte look. This light texture cream is quickly absorbed into the and helps you to fight the first signs of aging. Composition enriched with: - calendula extract, which provides degreasing and anti-inflammatory effect of the skin, - aloe vera extract, which regulates the moisture level of the skin and soothes it, - betaine, which is a natural moisturizer from sugar beet, - Vitamin complex that acts as a powerful Antioxidant and allows you to maintain healthy and radiant skin. 98% natural ingredients. 50ml Vegan Fox Values