Vegan Fox mother Maija

My name’s Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa, I am a mother and the creator of Vegan Fox. I have a family business which produces ethical, quality vegan cosmetics using 92%-100% natural ingredients. Our products do not contain ingredients from animal descent and nothing is tested on animals. Products are handmade as it makes it all more personal.
I believe that every new day has an opportunity. Few years ago I wasn’t afraid but brave enough to take an important act – I stepped outside my comfort zone, I left an amazing career in a big company. I wanted to achieve something more – leave a mark, raise something that aligns with my own personal beliefs and which has a part of my heart in it. Now, with my Vegan Fox products, I am proud to announce that every day I put my energy, happiness and love into work which I strongly believe in.

Vegan Fox idea

Everything started with a simple question – which cosmetic is truly vegan? Friends asked for advice on what to purchase and what to stay away from. At one point it was very tiring to search through product ingredient lists and suddenly solution came down – we need to make our own pure vegan cosmetic.
All we needed to do was to get it together and start our own company. Thoughts really have a power because everything just started to happen – we met the right people and listened to valuable advice. In the middle of all there was a fox. Is the fox even a vegan? Our fox is because foxes can be different, just like humans.

The story isn’t only about cosmetics

Vegan Fox inspires not only us but others as well. We are at the start of our road, full of energy to make world better. Actually everybody has the chance to help grow human and animal friendly society. The choice of cosmetics can be the first step which shows our attitude and matters we care about. Vegan Fox spends its free time and resources for animal caring and renewing the nature around us so that we all have the opportunity to live happier.
By purchasing Vegan Fox products, you inspire us to go on and help us do more in improving the environment financially.

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