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Why exactly lavender?

I couldn’t understand for a long time why the scent of lavender sometimes seems very attractive to me, sometimes it leaves me indifeferent, other times makes me wrinkle my nose, but after a while I start to like it again. It turns out that the scent I like is just what I need in that moment. The aroma of lavender is attractive when there is too much stress, tension, and haste in everyday life, and during sleepless nights, beacuse it has soothing, relaxing, and healing properties.

Lavender flowers spread a romantically bitter scent. It’s because of this unique aroma, and its many healing properties, that lavender is so popular. A fresh plant contains around 2-3% essential oils, mostly in the lavander flower. The colours of the beautiful and aromatic petals vary from blue to violet, but they can also be white, pale blue, and even pink.

Lavender’s name stems from the Latin word lavare – to wash. Over time, the lavender aroma has been given many terms – purity, peace, clarity, freshness, classic, harmony, the breath of love.

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Improves well-being and beauty

The soul of the aromatic plant is the essential oil that is widely used in beauty, massage, occupational therapy, and household life.
Today, lavender’s essential oil is a favourite because it is able to alleviate stress, head pain, and fatigue. Lavender oil is able to restore mental and physical balance, improve sleep quality and mood, strengthen mental capabilities, and create peace.
Pure lavender essential oil is one of those few oils that are perfectly suited for use directly on the skin to soften it and encourage healing.
It is characterised by antiseptic and antibacterial effects which effectively heal the skin in cases of itching, small cuts, sunburn, eczema, and bug bites.

Cosmetic products with lavender essential oil greatly soothe, balance and strengthen the skin, provide cell recovery, increase blood circulation in the skin, regulate the release of sebum, and fight against acne.
During respiratory virus season, it is recommended that the essential oil of lavender be used in aroma lamps for air purification.
Bathing in lavender infused water will reduce headaches and calm nerves. A few drops will suffice for a bathtub, allowing the body to enjoy the beneficial effects through both the skin and the scent receptors. Lavender is able to give volume to hair, as well as nourishing and strengthening it, making it easier to care for and style.
Aromatic flower pads freshen laundry perfectly and repel unwanted moths.

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Used as a spice

Lavender is also an unconventional and popular spice in Spanish, French, and Italian cuisine, but many have yet to get used to the specific bitter scent and taste. Lavender is used to flavour lamb stew, fish dishes, vegetable soups, sauces, confectionery, soft drinks, liqueurs, and wines. Lavender goes together well with dill, sage, and peppermint.
Gourmets will love the exotic caramelized lavender flowers used to decorate confectionery. Another exclusive product is lavender flower honey.

What do the legends say?

Lavender also serves as a symbol of love in wedding ceremonies and various magical rituals.
Lehend has it that Adam and Eve, when exiled from Eden, took only lavender with them. Another legend says that lavender got its heavenly scent when Mary hung Jesus’ wet clothes on a lavender bush.

May everyone find their own use for lavender in those moments when their nose senses how pleasant the aroma is.


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