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"I have everything..." or how easy is it to find a gift for a man?

If you feel grateful for the prosperity in your family, it seems like you don't need anything else... And you do. Money can't buy the most important things. It's in our hearts to know that under the roof of your family there is health, family joy and easy care. Yes, you could say that gifts are superfluous here. But at the same time, a heartfelt surprise, a small, thoughtful gift, with no expectation of anything in return, can bring the joy of a small child.  

They say that the joy of giving almost always surpasses the joy of receiving, and with good reason. But when caring for a gift, it is important to think about who is the recipient? What brings them joy? What is their daily life like? What would he like to experience? I think these questions are particularly important if the recipient is a man. Many of you will agree that choosing a gift for a woman is, for the most part, relatively easy. Feminine trinkets for everyday self-care, beauty items can be found almost on every corner and it instantly sparks the imagination as to what kind of gift the recipient might like.  

But a man who is often distinguished by the modesty of his daily choices tends to drive fantasy to a dead end. "I have everything..." - the man once again says. On the one hand, isn't it colossal when a man lacks nothing? But if you really want to please your other half, your dad or another member of the stronger sex, this phrase is not helpful...

Get to know the wishes and expectations of the recipient

Talking and listening to each other is still the best way to hear what the other person would like to experience or receive in their celebration. I believe that a gift does not always have to be a static-wrapped component with a banner on it. At other times it can be the emotion of a festive moment that gives the other person an unforgettable experience.

If it is clear that the question "what would make you happy?" you'll get the "I've got everything" answer, it might be worth taking the conversation in a different direction. I think this could also be a wonderful way to get to know your interlocutor a little differently. For example, find out - which Christmas, Birthday or other holiday sticks in your mind as the worst? What is something that happened there that you wouldn't want to experience again? Let's say that a man who hates surprises had a surprise party, the result will definitely not be what you expected... In that case, you can cross it off your list early.

Ask - what is it that he always wanted to do but never got around to? If the interlocutor mentions, for example, skydiving, maybe it is worth giving it as a present with a group of friends or family? Similarly, if the recipient has particular hobbies, it is always worth asking what they need to make their hobbies even more enjoyable?

After all, look. Try to understand what is it that he likes to buy for himself? Especially when it comes to household items, it's definitely helpful to understand a man's favourite brands, fragrances and products.

3 ideas for meaningful gifts for a man

And yet - if gift ideas are absolutely out of the question or you've only known each other for a short time, let's share 3 gift ideas that will be useful and won't gather dust on the shelf.

1. A trip to a holiday destination
Whatever the interests or hobbies of the recipient, everyone appreciates a holiday! Give the gift of a shared cruise, excursion, spa break - with or without an overnight stay. This will give you the opportunity to spend more time together, talk more and get to know each other better, so that next time it will be easier to make it fun.

2. Invite to dinner
Spending time together is one of the most heartfelt gifts! And who doesn't love a delicious, leisurely meal? Invite them for a delicious dinner. Especially if you choose a casual, out-of-the-ordinary place, the atmosphere alone will create a special feeling.

3. Tickets to a concert or event together
There is no doubt that having an adventure together and enriching your everyday life will be a great way to revitalise your relationship.

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In Love,
Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa
Vegan Fox leader and creator