How we produce

We produce in Latvia, European Union.
We produce with hands.
We put peace of our heart in products.
It is important for us that the right people find the right products.
We follow prescription and check each bunch made. Everyone who participates in production process does his best.
We carefully choose our delivery partners and buy ingredients only from countries which strongly avoid experiment on animals.
The basis of our products are natural ingredients such as natural oils, fruit extracts, natural butters, vitamins C and E.

Registered by the Vegan Society

All Vegan Fox products are registered with Vegan Society.
What does that mean? It represents the international standard for authentic vegan products. It approves that no tests have been run on animals. Our company has been granted with licence and we are allowed to use the Vegan Society logo on product’s  packaging, marketing materials and online media.



Not less important than our products is the way we pack them. We try to avoid any flashing materials or extra layers, we make it as simple as possible. We know that our customers are responsible on recycling so the packaging material is cardboard, PET and aluminium.
Your orders are packaged carefully and responsibly using nature friendly packaging- cardboard and paper. Our Gift boxes are made from carboard so you can give it to the reciever without shame and proudly.
We know that this topic is complicated but we really hope that a nature-friendly packaging will be more available in near future and we will have the opportunity to say goodbye to PET forever.

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