How to care for body and facial skin in the spring vegan fox
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How to care for body and facial skin in the spring?

In winter, the regeneration of skin cells is slower, the sweating process is less intense and the blood circulation deteriorates, which, combined with the cool winter climate and dry indoor air, damages our skin. No matter how hard we try to nourish the skin, all these factors cause the skin to lose elasticity, become rough, unhealthy, dry and begin to peel. But now that the temperature bar has been well above zero for a long time and nature is starting to come to life, it’s time to change not only the wardrobe, but also to reconsider your skin care rituals.

The first step - allow the skin to breathe

Our skin produces millions of new cells every day, which are constantly renewing and changing each other. If dead skin cells are not removed properly, they clog pores and inhibit the effects of skin care products. The best way to get velvety skin and let it breathe is to get rid of dead epidermal cells with an abrasive. One of the most affordable abrasives for skin cleansing is scrub.
Use a gentle cleansing body scrub once or twice a week before bedtime. Apply the scrub to damp skin and apply it in a gentle circular motion. Don’t forget to treat your feet, knees and elbows properly – these areas of the body become especially dry during the winter. Remember that force is not needed here, because the skin cells are already dead. By rubbing intensively, you can hurt the skin, thus slowing down the skin regeneration process.
A scrub with fine and natural abrasive particles, which gently cleanses the top layer of the skin, promotes cell regeneration and improves the overall appearance of the skin, will be most useful for effective and non-traumatic skin cleansing.

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After using the scrub, the pores will be open and absorb the valuable active substances more easily, so it is recommended to nourish the skin with a moisturizing, non-greasy cream after such a procedure.

The second step – moisturization

Due to low temperatures and dry indoor air, the skin loses more moisture, so hydration is a particularly important step towards glowing skin.
In the spring, to moisturize the facial skin, it is recommended to choose a light consistency cream that regulates the skin’s moisture level. Face cream needs to be with extra active substances appropriate for skin type and you need to use it every day in the morning and night.
On the other hand, moisturizing creams, which contain light natural oils (for example, coconut oil or avocado oil) and vitamins C and E, will be great for body skin care, because they promote skin regeneration and improve blood circulation.
If the skin is very dry, then after the shower it is recommended to use body oil, applying it on damp skin.

The third step - drink enough water

Water is the skin’s best friend, so remember to drink. It is the water that delivers the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin, so that the skin can fully regenerate and look healthy, radiant and smooth. If the amount of water ingested on a daily basis is insufficient, then the body directs the ingested water to the functioning of the most important organs, thus leaving the skin without the necessary moisture reserves. If the lack of moisture is prolonged, the skin begins to dry out and wrinkles appear, it can become thin and even start to peel, because the blood vessels in the skin suffer as a result of insufficient water and the skin is not supplied with nutrients and oxygen.
As a result of insufficient daily water intake, the facial skin suffers first, as it is constantly exposed to the external environment. For this reason, facial skin is the first to show such unpleasant signs of aging. It is recommended to take at least one and a half to two liters of water a day to prevent premature aging of the skin and maintain sufficient moisture levels.

The fourth step – be active

Spending time in the fresh air combined with physical activities will improve the tone and appearance of facial skin in general. Walking and exercising outdoors helps to saturate the body with oxygen, thus also promoting metabolic processes in cells. In addition to physical activity, facial and body skin massages will also help, which improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and improve skin firmness.

If you follow these four principles of skin care, I guarantee that the dull skin tone will disappear and very soon you will bloom as beautifully as nature in spring.

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