Every step matters

With Vegan Fox we all help together because we like to finish the job we start to. It is important for us to be in – to help clean up the world and to see how our own planted trees grow and how animals from shelters find their true homes. We like to be the pathfinders, it truly motivates to go further. It even Inspires. Inspires ourselves, our kids, friends and people around us. Sometimes it feels like we can hear a silent “thank you” in the wind.

Renewing forests

Did you know that every planted tree lowers the CO2 level? Every single tree allows the earth to breathe in deeper. This is exactly why we love planting trees. Forests are the lungs of earth, they are home for birds and animals. While using Vegan Fox products you are allowing us to do more – those are resources for gloves, crops and manpower.

Cleaning forests

We enjoy our business as much as we enjoy life. We like to be outside, to spend free time in nature. The impact we can make by cleaning forests, rivers and lakes isn’t huge, but it gives joy. We play it like a game – who will find more plastic bottles? We know that animals do not have bags, rakes or shovels this is how we help so that no paws are hurt while stepping on broken glass or can. You can help us by using Vegan Fox products and joining in cleanup.

Helping animals

We love any kind of animal, not only beautiful foxes. And we care about all creatures. Many animals are sad as they are forced to live in shelters. To help as many animals as possible move to a good home, we run special campaigns in corporation with shelters to motivate people adopting animals responsibly. Over 1200 of our cosmetic products have been given to the good people who decided to adopt. We support as much as we can – we take dogs for walks, we supply food and medicine. With our products, you also help animals in shelters.

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