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We are Fox’s friends.

Our friends from organisation “Dzīvnieku brīvība” (“Animal freedom”) have organised an abundant donation campaign “Fox’s friend” the purpose of which is to achieve a complete ban of fur animal breeding in Latvia. A total of 302 new Fox’s friends have joined the group of the regular donors.

We also must remark a particularly generous donation of 8500 EUR! We have supported this campaign enthusiastically and are happy that there are people who truly care for animals and affirm their care with active action. It inspires animal rights activists and encourages them to continue tireless work in achieving changes in legislation in Latvia as it has already happened in other European countries.

The campaign encouraged people to get involved creatively and artistically. People expressed their thoughts visually about how they imagined free and happy foxes should live. Your creativity delights and encourages!

There are a few of wonderful art works:

It is delightful that people care! There are many moving answers to questions we raised “Why am I fox’s friend? Why should foxes live freely, instead of captivity of fur farms?”

“I am fox’s friend because I want to achieve changes in legislation for closing the fur industry in Latvia. Torture of animals for meaningless decorations is malpractice. “

“I am fox’s friend because I believe that people don’t have rights to decide the fate of other creatures who don’t have a chance to protect themselves.”

“I am fox’s friend because I believe that nobody should suffer from something so meaningless as fur. Forest is the real place for living for foxes and all fur animals. They all deserve freedom.”

“Every living being has rights for freedom. The use of animals in the fur industry is evil and unfair. Let’s leave furs to be a thing of the past!”

“I am fox’s friend because there are so many alternatives for furs. Why should we grow something to be killed or hunted just for the fun of it?”

“I am fox’s friend because I love nature and freedom just as foxes do!”

“I am fox’s friend because foxes as any other living creature don’t deserve suffering!”

“Foxes deserve to live in freedom, not in captivity of fur farms, as nature does not anticipate that! Nobody would like living in the captivity of a cage! Why would we do that to foxes?”


We encourage you to support organisations that do this difficult job. The world experience shows us that changes are possible!

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