Vega Fox benefits of micellar water

10 benefits of MICELLAR WATER for your face

10 benefits of Micellar water for your face. What is micellar water? Micellar water is a simple skin cleanser that looks like water and is very popular because of its multiple properties. It can be used as: an effective cleanser for facial skin, tonic, make-up remover, skin freshener. Micellar water is based on the active ingredient micelles - microscopic particles,…
how to make Face yoga and self-massage for your face

Face yoga and self-massage for your face

Face yoga and self-massage for your face. Want to improve your facial skin and muscle tone? Maybe you've heard of facial fitness or facial yoga? No? Then this article is for you. What is facial fitness? Facial fitness is a fantastic complex of facial exercises, combined with various self-massage techniques, which, when performed regularly, can not only improve the oval…

Lavender’s soul

Why exactly lavender? I couldn't understand for a long time why the scent of lavender sometimes seems very attractive to me, sometimes it leaves me indifeferent, other times makes me wrinkle my nose, but after a while I start to like it again. It turns out that the scent I like is just what I need in that moment. The…
lapsas draugs

We are Fox’s friends

We are Fox’s friends. Our friends from organisation “Dzīvnieku brīvība” (“Animal freedom”) have organised an abundant donation campaign “Fox’s friend” the purpose of which is to achieve a complete ban of fur animal breeding in Latvia. A total of 302 new Fox’s friends have joined the group of the regular donors. We also must remark a particularly generous donation of…

Best time for a new friend

Best time for a new friend. In April we along with the shelter Ulubele in Latvia asked our followers to send in pictures of their lucky pets, who have the chance to spend more time with their owners. Our aim was not only to enjoy hearty and fun pictures, but also to encourage people to think about getting a lovely pet in their family. In our view, this is a great time to turn the long-cherished thoughts of a new friend into reality. Many of us feel lonely, sad and worried and new life at home can shine on your world with rays of joy and sincerity. We hope that pics below will inspire!…

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