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Best time for a new friend.

In April we along with the shelter Ulubele in Latvia asked our followers to send in pictures of their lucky pets, who have the chance to spend more time with their owners. Our aim was not only to enjoy hearty and fun pictures, but also to encourage people to think about getting a lovely pet in their family.
In our view, this is a great time to turn the long-cherished thoughts of a new friend into reality.
Many of us feel lonely, sad and worried and new life at home can shine on your world with rays of joy and sincerity.

We hope that pics below will inspire!

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Always remember that this is a very responsible decision before you decide letting in a pet into your world. Pretty sure the pet’s entire life will be spent together with you.
In many countries there are many pets waiting for new happy life in animal shelters so we hope that this crazy time will help to find new homes for pets because of caring human friends.
Share this blog to someone who is ready for new pet. We believe that happier pets and humans will makes this world a better place and time spent together will be fulfilled with smiles and love!


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