Anti-wrinkle eye cream with antioxidant-rich plant extracts improves skin elasticity and reduces the signs of aging, wrinkles, dark circles, and eye bags. Vitamins C and E promotes the formation of collagen and help the skin to regenerate. The light texture cream provides full nourishment and hydration of the skin and gives the eye area a fresh and radiant look. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The composition is enriched with Shea butter, which intensively nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, with jojoba oil, which softens the skin and ensures the absorption of active ingredients, with silk tree bark and cranberry extracts, which reduce wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes and eliminate signs of skin fatigue, with avocado oil, which deeply delivers valuable antioxidants to the skin, and with aloe vera extract, which helps maintain skin moisture balance, improves blood circulation and strengthens the skin.

Natural ingredients: 96%.

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    Achieve healthier and firmer skin with our Nourishing face cream which will help to retrieve elasticity for dry skin and will aid in skin nourishment. Vitamins C and E promote the formation of collagen and helps in fighting early ageing signs.

    The product’s composition is enriched with sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, which does a great job in softening the skin and promotes the absorption of active substances, with shea butter, which nourishes and renews skin, with cocoa butter, which improves skin elasticity and forms a protective layer over it, and with aloe vera extract, which regulates skin moisture levels and soothes the skin. Vitamin complex acts as a strong antioxidant and allows skin to preserve a healthy look.

    95% ingredients of natural origin.


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    Great opportunity to create your own face care ritual and follow 3 simple steps everyday – to cleanse, moisturize the facial skin and use an additional care product. Choose products according to your face skin type and get healthy and radiant skin.

    The bundle includes:

    • Face cream – Moisturising (combo/oily skin), Nourishing (dry skin) or Softening (normal skin) (50ml);
    • Face skin care product – Anti-wrinkle eye cream, 15ml or Rose Micellar water, 200ml;
    • Cleansing foam – For oily skin, For dry skin or For normal skin (200ml).


    Achieve cleansed and moisturised skin with our airy and light aloe cleansing foam which cleanses dry skin from excess dirt and cleans pores. Perfectly suited for removing decorative cosmetics and for use around eyes. Foam nicely moisturises and soothes face and neck skin and restores radiance and healthy look.

    The product’s composition is enriched with aloe vera extract, which regulates skin moisture levels, promotes good blood circulation and strengthens the skin, with lactic acid, which restores skin’s natural pH balance, with fruit sugar, which attracts moisture to the skin, and with glycine, which increases collagen production and promotes skin regeneration.

    96% ingredients of natural origin.



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