icon1 Save your time, stop searching the shelves, and trying to sort out what is suitable for vegans. The fox has written VEGAN on each of our products in capital letters, so everything is clear.
icon1 The fox is our little friend which must not suffer! The fox has zero tolerance of animals being used in the production and testing of cosmetics. And of course the fox has the same attitude towards all other industries.
icon1 Why are most of the products in a single package instead of nice designer boxes? Because for the fox, the selection of product packaging was determined by recycling and minimum consumption of natural resources.
icon1 The fox primarily selected ingredients to make the product natural and effective. This is ensured by top quality raw materials, without nasty parabens or SLS, and with minimum good synthetic additives, so the result is flawless.
icon1 Not a vegan but the same values are important to you? Take responsibility for your beauty, health, the environment and animals with our products to stay on track. Use and enjoy.