We were inspired by the fox, which is a vegan. Foxes carefully watch what we do, so that the ingredients are as natural as possible, the packaging recyclable, and our body excited about product quality, without animals used in the development and manufacture of these cosmetic products.

How did it all start?

We often heard vegans say that it was hard to find cosmetics that perfectly suit vegans, and that certificated search and study of chemical composition was not the most exciting hobby. So we eased their daily life and presented our products in a special way.
We hope that upon seeing our products you smile and know it’s suitable for you: take a moment to make this a better world instead of studying chemical formulas!

We have spent a lot of time choosing the ingredients, fragrances and packaging, so you want to buy our products again and be interested in trying our other products.
We have a lot more product ideas, and will meet your expectations and pleasantly surprise you soon.